Measuring Life in Coffee Spoons


In a rather long poem, TS Eliot says, "I have measured out my life in coffee spoons." I'm no literary expert (any of my English teachers will attest that), but as a coffee addict, I can definitely understand that sentiment. So, while I was at the store planning my next projects, this scoop caught my eye and I knew I had to build it. I chose to work with bocote because I love how figured it is. This wood is also incredibly easy to turn; it doesn't split easily and it's soft enough to move quickly. In my opinion, that is what makes it a great wood to practice new projects on. Very quickly I realized that bocote was the right choice. The wood revealed a beautiful grain that just continued to get more and more interesting as I continued to work. 

This project was a lot of fun and a very good break from the pens. There was more margin for error while creating this than while creating pens, that I was able to experiment with new techniques. I'm very happy with these results, the wood has a great weight and fits perfectly in my hand. I decided to make this a part of my regular repertoire and continue to experiment with new designs and feels. Let me know if you want one!