Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

Recently I held a fundraiser on Facebook for Serving at the Crossroads, an international medical non-profit that has built a free medical and dental clinic for some of the poorest people of La Entrada, Honduras. As an incentive, I agreed to make a custom pen for anyone who donated over $100. Quite a few people did and this was one of them. 

This generous donor asked that I build a model that utilized a cap rather than a twist or a click and asked that I use recycled wine-infused french oak. This posed a problem as this type of wood is prone to cracking and is also hard to predict. On top of that, she chose a pen that required larger holes to be drilled; thus decreasing my margin-for-error. All-in-all this project was adding up to be one of my most challenging yet — and I was excited to try it! The blanks themselves are a beautiful wine color, however, it's impossible to guarantee how deep that color goes. This made me nervous as I continued to chip away and reveal more of the french oak, the purple began to disappear. 

By the end of the project, I was thoroughly pleased (and a little sad I had to give this one away). While more oak came out in comparison to the purple, I was very happy with how the oak finished and used the wine to add just the right amount of character and intrigue to the pen. 

This pen forced me to push my limits and I'm so happy with the end result. It makes me even happier that by making this pen I was able to help the people of La Entrada receive quality healthcare. 

You can get your own by clicking here.