Popping the Cork for my Mom's Birthday

For those who know my mom, you know the most important things in her life are family, Serving at the Crossroads, and wine (Order subject to change depending on the day or which son is visiting for the weekend). This year she turned REDACTED and for her birthday I decided to make her a wine bottle stopper/corkscrew combo.

I started with a blank of recycled French Oak that had been infused with red wine from River Drive that had and I began to turn. The first set I made, I didn't have any bushings to gauge my thickness. As you can see in the slideshow, I ended up much thinner than the center of the opener. However, I loved how this wood out. It has gorgeous purple streaks that contrast the oak. So I wanted to give this another try. 

I ordered a few more kits, a set of bushings, and some more blanks and started over. This time, using the bushings as a guide, I was able to create a beautiful tapered handle that made it stronger and less prone to cracking (which, admittedly was a problem in my first attempt). Finally, after about an hour, I had completed my second pass at the project.  

I was much more pleased with how this piece turned out and loved how much of the purple color I was able to retain. I've worked with this same infused oak before on the Author's pen which turned out a completely different look. My mom enjoyed her gift just as much as I enjoyed making it.