Flamed Birch Dining Room Table

I loved the streaks of green throughout the table. 

In 2015 I bought a condo in Arlington, VA and needed a new dining room table. However, I couldn't find one I liked. So I asked Pop-pa to teach me how to build one. I knew I wanted a live-edge and so we went to Herne Hardwoods in Oxford, PA to find one. Originally I wanted an exotic slab, but when I saw this piece of flamed birch, I knew this was the perfect table face. 

Measuring the frame.

Pop-pa and I loaded it up and took it back to his shop for a very long weekend. We had to first extract the pieces I wanted, especially the section I wanted for the face.

After many sketches, we settled on a face and began to cut out the legs. After that, construction was smooth sailing. 

This being my first major project, I did not expect the hours and hours of sanding necessary to achieve the smoothness I wanted. It was well worth the elbow grease, however. 

This is the project that started it all, that made me want to continue learning about woodworking. This table has served me well the last two years, and I hope will continue to do so for many years to come.