Mixed-wood Coffee Table

Some of our selection.

In the fall of 2016, I needed a new coffee table, and taking inspiration from mosaic designs, I again asked Pop-pa for help. As soon as we saw the Bocote, we knew that a mosaic pattern wouldn't work. It would be a shame to break up that figure. I still wanted a variety of woods so we selected, birdseye maple, general mahogany, walnut, bocote, koa, cherry, oak, and zebrawood. 

We started with making the tabletop. With a new pattern in mind, we laid out the wood in long planks in order to frame the bocote. We wanted to make this wood the focal point of the table.  

We chose to add the zebra wood to the sides of the table for a little extra length and so that your eyes would be drawn to the table when you first walked into the room. It created a truly eye-catching experience. 

With that out of the way we moved on to the frame. This was constructed with koa legs, cherry apron, and an oak drawer. Koa and cherry were selected because of how nicely the two woods compliment one another. The faint red grain in the cherry is brought out when next to the richness of the koa. 

With the frame built and the table top completed, it was time to add the finish. This is where we ran into some trouble. We opted for a polyurethane finish, however, the bocote's high oil content would not allow for the finish to set properly, so we first had to add a couple layers of shellac. 

50 man-hours later my coffee table was complete. I really enjoyed this design and hope to try it out with different kinds of wood in the future.